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Simplify Your Vaccine Design and Drug Discovery Affordably and Reliably with NeoProteomics’ Structural Mass Spectrometry Services (SMS)

NeoProteomics offers to academic and industrial research a suite of structural mass spectrometry services, based upon novel research methods and tools developed at the Center for Proteomics and Bioinformatics at Case Western Reserve University. This comprehensive methodology is now offered as a turnkey solution by NeoProteomics, which provides a viable alternative to X-ray Crystallography.

SMS Services provide detailed High Resolution information about protein structure!

SMS helps to Minimize Risk with information that delivers:
  • Stronger Filings with FDA with more specific information
  • Better Intellectual Property Claims
  • More Accurate Research
Comprehensive SMS Services:

Epitope Mapping for monoclonal antibodies
Paratope Mapping for monoclonal antibodies
Structural characterization of membrane proteins
Structural comparison of biosimilars against the reference product
Combining local and global structure to map protein complex interfaces
Characterizing temperature dependent conformational changes

Multidisciplinary Methodology

NeoProteomics utilizes a multidisciplinary approach to determining protein structures. We realize that no technique is 100% foolproof and that many techniques need to be available to solve difficult structures.

Neo's SMS methods provide:

  • High resolution
  • Moderate cost
  • Reasonably rapid turnaround
  • Turnkey solution

In this illustration, we see a combination of protocols that Neo can employ to solve complex protein structures. We offer consulting services in order to customize a program that best works to answer your questions within budget and time constraints.