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Introducing YourOmics, Inc.

YourOmics, Inc. provides novel tools to the academic and industrial biological research communities interested in basic and translational research, drug development and biomarker based patient stratification.  Our software platform integrates and visualizes gene and protein based pathways and networks.

Tools Available to Forward Your Research:

YourCrosstalker™:  A subscription based software as a service tool (SaaS) which creates and identifies candidate sub-networks with a functional role in the disease or treatment under study.  The software only requires a simple list of genes which is uploaded by the user.

Disease Path Finder: A software tool using a proprietary computational framework to identify global cellular networks via integration of high-throughput interaction data with other genomic datasets. The end product are gene or protein interaction databases which serve as a foundation for the Company Knowledge Bank as well as custom databases for sale to institutions and industry.

These products are extremely powerful, cost-effective solutions which are lightweight and user-friendly.  For more information, please visit the YourOmics website

Our research has shown that small sub-networks within PPI networks provide accurate classifiers of disease progression as well as identify families of drug targets providing go/no-go guidance in the development process from discovery through clinical trials. NeoProteomics’ services identify new pathways and drug targets, stratify patient populations to predict therapeutic response, and increase drug efficacy and safety.

NeoProteomics offers services to provide novel information about protein interactions that can lower the cost and shorten the time to development of new therapeutic agents.

Research teams from around the world partner with NeoProteomics to:
  • Develop and discover new biomarkers for disease
  • Validate existing biomarkers for clinical relevance
  • Gain a better understanding of the functional interaction of proteins in a disease state
  • Analyze experimental data to drive results
  • Design experiments to maximize client resources and minimize time


"We are working with NeoProteomics and have found them to be knowledgeable, responsive, and intently interested in ensuring our success. I highly recommend them as a resource for systems biology related projects and subject matter expertise." 

– Senior Scientist at a Pharmaceutical Company

For more information regarding the contract research services we offer, please contact us.